Waste Management Services

Waste Management (Refuse Disposal and Environmental Cleaning)
CALAYA offers a comprehensive analysis of waste stream for best recycling solutions. Our approach to materials recycling is firmly built on the principles of economic and environmental sustainability.
We provide a collection bins, carts, and containers for recycling services.  We play a key role with you in protecting and restoring the environment.




The Treatment and Disposal Solutions division manages hazardous and industrial waste requiring specialised treatment and processing before disposal at a suitable landfill site.
Hazardous waste, characterised by its flammability, corrosiveness, toxicity and/or re-activity, needs to be analysed prior to treatment.
Drill Waste Management (Mud/Brine/Oil/Chemical Base Mud)
Our Drilling Waste Management team provides solutions that meet the highest level of regulatory compliance while keeping the most cost-effective disposal options in mind.
The EDS is a combination of chemical and mechanical processes which allows to dehydrate the drilling waste directly at the rig site.
The output from EDS consist of filtered clean water (normally used for the preparation of new drilling mud and as plant/rig washing water) and very dry solid).