Service Description

Newly constructed or refurbished pipelines are pre-commissioned to ensure that the pipe meets the requirements of it Owners or operators. These will vary to some extent depending on the service for which the line is intended. As a minimum, operators will want to verify if the line has been laid without significant defects and is in a condition suitable to be filled with the intended product without rupturing.

Several tasks are included in getting the process done. They include:
+ Pre-Cleaning
+ Gauging
+ Flooding
+ Hydro-testing
+ Dewatering
+ Drying
+ Air-Drying
+ Vacuum Drying
+ Nitrogen packing/purging
CALAYA pipeline commissioning gets quality product into your pipeline safely, quickly, and efficiently. Start production immediately and reduce economic risk.


Why Choose Us?

Our team focuses on excellence, team spirit and a committment to providing services and products that enable our clients to improve their performance in oil and gas industry, safely, quickly and competitively.

We are glad to often relate with our clients along each phase of a project life-cycle. Helping out in planning, advisory, understanding requirements, and providing valuable feedback during relevant project-phases or in any way you think we could help out within our reach.

We understand the deep diversity of engineering challenges and because of our clients, we have gone ahead to forge wide range of partnerships to always deliver the best services that could surpass a client's expectations.


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