Instrumentation and Control



CALAYA ENGINEERING SERVICES LIMITED involvement in Instrumentation & Control Engineering covers installation, supplies, modification, service and repairs of Transmitters, controllers, control valves, sensors, design and installation of complex and computerized control panels and repairs, modification of electronics boards, and construction of electrical systems and electrical boards. With sophisticated automation requirements on one hand and budget & schedule constraints on the other, Project Management (PM) has become the Achilles' heel in the Oil & Gas sector. Our trained project management teams are there to help you achieve your project targets for applied automation systems.


The major incident experiences in the industry are explosions mostly due to equipment failures or exceeding required pressure limits in ...

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At Calaya Engineering Services, ensuring that storage facilities are duly certified fit for whatsoever purpose in other to prevent failure of equipment and Safety Hazards.

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Scientifically proven, gases are highly dangerous, hence the need to conform to the safety requirements of any environment especially when dealing with hazardous...

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At Calaya Engineering Services, we endeavor that our testing bay and equipment are up to standard to ensure client retention...

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Why Work With Us?

We use some highly advanced services and products to address the most challenging engineering problems. We elicit customers' business requirements and craft a solution based on industry standards that is safe, economic, and satisfying in quality. Why not try us out?

Our team focuses on excellence, team spirit and a committment to providing services and products that enable our clients to improve their performance in oil and gas industry, safely, quickly and competitively.

Customer satisfaction is at the top of our concerns. We work bearing this in mind. Our technology, products, services, and developing world-class engineering solutions are important to our business system

We are glad to often relate with our clients along each phase of a project life-cycle. Helping out in planning, advisory, understanding requirements, and providing valuable feedback during relevant project-phases or in any way you think we could help out within our reach.

We understand the deep diversity of engineering challenges and because of our clients, we have gone ahead to forge wide range of partnerships to always deliver the best services that could surpass a client's expectations.

Recent Projects

Installation of Coupons in NAOC Facilities.

- Nigerian Agip Oil Company, Jan. - Dec., 2017

Refurbishment of Brsss Tanks CPS.

- Nigerian Agip Oil Company, Jan. - Dec., 2017

Wellhead Maintenance & Monitoring for Land Area.

- Nigerian Agip Oil Company, 2016 - 2018

Offshore Production Support Services

- Shell Petroleum Development Company, Mar. - Nov., 2016

Long Range Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement (UTM) of Land Area Pipelines.

- Nigerian Agip Oil Company, 2016 - 2017

Well Tubing Repairs.

- Agip Energy, Jan. - Dec., 2016