Hybrid Acoustic Technology

Service Description

Hybrid Acoustic Technology (HAT) is a new technology that allows the diagnostics of any solids from a very small object to any size complex. This technology is able to provide real time Fitness for Service (FFS) analysis enabling development of accurate maintenance procedures towards zero shutdown programs. This cost effective technology shall enhance the Plant performance and users are also able to measure the real time safety factors during operation. Its attributes are:
- HAT is an acoustic measurement type inspection method utilizing phonon emission released by deforming defects.
- Phonon emission originates from the deforming material itself, which is termed as Phonon Active Areas (PHAA), and not from an external source.
- HAT is suitable on "live load" inspection where various damage mechanism are present and defect deformation is naturally occurring.
- HAT capability is confined to detection of "active defects" which are formed and increase in natural operating environment under the operating pressure, work medium, operating temperature, etc.

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