Inspection Services


Pipeline Integrity Testing (NDT)
We offer a unique tool for detecting corrosion in pipelines at support areas and other hidden areas. These area are susceptible to higher corrosion rates for many reasons, inspecting them historically has involved costly and time consuming operations to lift the pipe or cut the support, but can now be done in situ quickly, cost effectively and simply.
The system has been successfully field tested and acquired great result for several major oil and gas companies around the globe
CALAYA Engineering Services LTD. offer all convectional types of inspection, non-destructive testing and verification services as listed below:

  • Ultrasonic Flaw Testing (UT)
  • Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement (UTM)
  • Penetrant Testing (PT)
  • Fluorescent Penetrant Testing (FPT)
  • Magnetic Particle Testing (MPT)
  • Fluorescent Magnetic Particle Testing (FMT)
  • Radiographic Testing (RT)
  • Eddy Current Testing (ET)
  • Roughness Testing (RT)
  • Hardness Testing (HT)
  • Helium Leak Testing (HLD)
  • Advance Ultrasonic Testing (AUT)
  • Paint / Coating Inspection (NACE)
  • Visual / Certified Weld Inspection (CSWIP)
  • NDT Combined with Rope Access (RA/NDT)
  • Consulting on Testing and Inspection
  • Third Party Verification and Testing


Cathodic Protection Service
CALAYA Engineering Services LTD. has been providing successful cathodic protection solutions to the Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Water and Power Industries over the last 5 years.

Our experienced engineers can provide a full design service for your CP application. By reference to client supplied and recognized international standards, our NACE qualified engineers will develop cost effective solutions to ensure that your requirements are met in full


Intelligent Pigging /Inline Inspection (ILI)
There are techniques that may have higher through pipeline speed than ILI, but when it comes to inspection accuracy, the ILI tool can provide owner or operator with the best remaining thickness and data available.
The difference in time between the sent and received signal allows the computer to calculate the time of travel which is then converted to distance and the measurement recorded. These measurements are made by the transducer approximately 800 up to 2000 times per second.
CALAYA Engineering Services LTD. offer routine professional pipeline pigging advice which may involve design of a pigging program that is adapted to a particular pipeline.



Corrosion Monitoring & Control Facility Integrity Inspection
Exposed to various industry painting specifications, we develop painting Procedures to Client’s approved specifications.
We are certified by NACE, IRATA, PIC, ANIST. Calaya Engineering Services Ltd has the capability for inspection & Installation of cathodic protection systems.


Sand Blasting and Coating
We are one of the leading providers of corrosion protection services and scaffolding. Our services include protection against rust and thus protection of your facilities;

  • Surface preparation - Mechanical rust removal by means of grinder, brush, needle hammer, etc.
  • Conventional blasting in mobile operations or in blasting hangars
  • Blasting with recyclable abrasives


To deter external corrosion it is standard practice to coat pipelines.
Coating Work: airless and low pressure and two component hot-spray technique; coating with mineral compounds; sealing; application of deck coatings; special fireproof coating;


We are leading company in maintenance turnarounds and shutdowns and provide a comprehensive range of specialized services for plant infrastructure, including towers and columns, reactors and regenerators, heat exchangers, boilers, heaters and furnaces, and piping and structures.