Calibration Services


Calibration of Tanks, Flowmeters And Gauges

Calibration ensures that the exact volume of a tank corresponds to that of a standard device and id the key to ensuring that all tank measurements are accurate. Even the best gauging systems do no match up without accurate calibration. Each of our highly trained technicians has extensive experience in calibration and instrument repair.



As a certified provider of physical, mechanical, electrical, and frequency calibration services, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality instrument support services available.


Instrumentation and Control Services
CALAYA ENGINEERING SERVICES LIMITED involvement in Instrumentation & Control Engineering covers installation, supplies, modification, service and repairs of Transmitters, controllers, control valves, sensors, design and installation of complex and computerized control panels and repairs, modification of electronics boards, and construction of electrical systems and electrical boards.
With sophisticated automation requirements on one hand and budget & schedule constraints on the other, Project Management (PM) has become the Achilles’ heel in the Oil & Gas sector. 
Our trained project management teams are there to help you achieve your project targets for applied automation systems. Our services in control houses, installation and commissioning assure timely completion of your projects without worry.