Building and Facility Management


Environmental Management

CALAYA have been in Environmental Management industry such as solid waste management, fumigation and pest control, office/industrial cleaning, landscaping and beautification, environmental consultancy and sales of recycling machinery.
We work in collaboration with academicians and other researchers in the field of waste management within and outside the country; we also represent and have working arrangement with some foreign companies/partners who in most cases act as our technical partners.
We provide comprehensive consulting services with proven international experience, expertise and project management capabilities in the following disciplines:

  • Environmental and Natural Resource Management
  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment
  • Site Assessment and Remediation
  • Environmental Health & Safety


Drainage System Clean Up and Maintenance

When you need commercial plumbing/Drainage maintenance services for your business, CALAYA is available to tackle every associated problem. We handle different types of drainage services and plumbing services such as gutter cleaning/refurbishing, sewer cleanup/disposal, Restroom disinfection and Odor Control, Safety and Hygiene Solutions
Our many clients in the hospitality sector include hotels, bars, restaurants and food processing companies. We are your choice because we’re experienced specialists who are always on call and who work quickly and accurately.


HVAC Systems Maintenance

At CALAYA we understand that saving time and money are critical to your business, and we recognize that the comfort, safety and productivity of the people who work, live and visit your buildings are key to your bottom line.
With CALAYA service, you can be confident that we will do our best to keep your equipment running at peak efficiency. This will help you achieve increased energy efficiency, extend equipment life, provide consistent comfort, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your equipment will perform as expected.
Our highly skilled team is ready to take on any heating, ventilation or air conditioning challenge such as:

  • HVAC services
  • Air Handling Equipment
  • Rooftop Units
  • Boiler and Furnace Maintenance & Upgrades
  • Chillers
  • Coil Cleaning and Replacement
  • Tank-type Water Heaters
  • Condensing Units and Condensers
  • Cooling Towers
  • Fans, Pumps and Motors
  • Variable Frequency Drives
  • Infrared and Unit Heaters

With CALAYA, your business will receive the components and equipment that best fit your needs.


Our electrical services team develops and provides technically advanced services to owners and operators of electrical distribution networks worldwide.

Installation, maintenance and repair of electrical systems or equipment, electrical wiring system, fixtures controls and equipment such as generators, electric motors and transformers.


We also provide comprehensive technical support and consultancy on underground cable networks operating across the voltage ranges and Provide accurate assessment on transformer’s condition using expert.

Lightning audits is Valuable process time could be lost by damage to electrical plant; a lightning audit of an installation will determine whether the most appropriate protection is currently installed.
•          Earthing audits
•          Analytical services
•          Equipment and materials testing
•          Technical documentation
•          Conditions based risk