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The Company

CALAYA ENGINEERING SERVICES LTD is a limited liability company that is specialized in Industrial & Oil Field Chemicals, Corrosion Control/Prevention, Steel Structure design and fabrication, which include blasting, painting inspection and testing.

It has continuously consolidated and expanded on different capabilities in recent times through manpower training, and acquisition of relevant design / engineering tools by getting memorandum of understanding with different rental companies for assistance whenever the need arises. Besides, the company is equally capable of offering full range of technical back-up services on the request from our clients.

With the current trend and need of information dissemination, the company has acquired and is still acquiring more information gadgets for a proper functionality of her office and the job.

One major concept employed by the company on every level of her intensions and activities is “team work”. The need to continuously embrace this fact cannot be over-emphasized going by her mission and vision in the oil and gas industry in Nigeria.

This is going by the most important objective of CALAYA ENGINEERING SERVICES LIMITED as “to serve the needs of the oil and gas industries, delivering quality as defined by our clients and ensuring basic standards are maintained (Nigerian and international).

Our Offerings

The company is a total indigenous company established to offer engineering, procurement, installations, inspection of production/process facilities, construction and maintenance services to the oil and gas industry. The company is managed by highly exposed and experienced professionals in the oil and gas industry.


Featured Services

Service Name

Calibration Services

Calibration of Tanks, Flowmeters And Gauges...

Service Name

Inspection Services and Corrosion Mgt

Pipeline Integrity Testing (NDT), Cathodic Protection Service, Intelligent Pigging /Inline Inspection (ILI), etc Read more...

Service Name

Well Services and Leak Repairs

Wellhead/Valve Leak Detection Qualification, Maintenance, and Replacement...

Service Name

Construction and Fabrication

Building and Road Construction & Maintenance Services, Pipes Fabrication and Metal works, Tank Fabrication/Shell Repair, Read more...

Service Name


Truck Services, Payloaders, Fleet management services, offshore vessels, etc Read more...

Service Name

Waste Management

Waste Management (Refuse Disposal and Environmental Cleaning), Drill Waste Management (Mud/Brine/Oil/Chemical Base Mud), etc Read more...

Service Name

Building Facility and Environmental Mgt

Environmental Management, Drainage System Clean Up and Maintenance, HVAC Systems Maintenance, Electrical Services, etc Read more...

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